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"X" Terminator Day - International FCPX Refund Request


As you already know, on April 12th in Las Vegas during the NAB convention for Broadcast Professionals, Apple choose to demo FINAL CUT PRO 10 (X) at the LAFCPUG’s SUPERMEET to a crowd of broadcast professionals that use Final Cut Pro 7 (and previous versions) for actual broadcasting work - YET the software they were actually promoting ironically lacked the functionality used by that group in their broadcasting profession. (Functionality that WAS contained in previous versions of Final Cut Pro itself)

At this event Apple chose NOT to mention any of this at NAB SUPERMEET. Why?

Traditionally (and conditionally) Apple used this process to only show us what was added to each new version of Final Cut Pro avoiding the need to recap what we already knew to be there… because it’s an update. Final Cut Pro 4, Final Cut Pro 5, Final Cut Pro 6 and so on. 

So a couple of months later,  Final Cut Pro 10 (X) finally goes on sale through Apple’s brand new Mac App Store.   A store which has a policy of NO REFUNDS.


It’s no secret, we bought the living crap out of it.

I understand the numbers to be 2.5 million sales in the first 72 hours. Amazing!

But quickly we realized, we weren’t getting Final Cut Pro 7 plus this new stuff. We weren’t really getting Final Cut Pro at all. We got new program that borrowed most everything from Imovie with the Final Cut Pro name slapped on the virtual box. 

Um, WTF*CkP!?

Now we kind of have this little FCPX toy to play around with and future cast it’s possible potential but we can’t actually use for anything serious until some missing features are added (Not to mention all the gripes regarding the interface and changes to the paradigm of editing itself)

Damn, we shoulda’ downloaded the demo first to discover what was missing before we bought it for $299.00.

But, there was NO DEMO offered.

How come? Angry Birds is .99 cents and it has a demo.


FCPX buyers had only their previous years worth of allegiance to the FCP program as the confidence basis for their $299.00 purchasing decision.  How’d that go?

Again, the quote I’ve heard is 2.5 million downloads of FCPX in 72 hours. 

If Apple had announced those “missing features” during NAB SUPERMEET, what affect do you suppose that would have on that sales outcome?

How many sales do you think there would be if Apple more appropriately called this new software Imovie Pro?


I was a guest on That Post Show podcast the other night with Larry Jordan and I used the word “malicious” regarding the release of Final Cut Pro X. Larry was quick to disagree due to a personal conversation he’d had with an Apple Rep. Regardless, I still feel that Apple left out important details in the marketing of FCPX which would have had a dramatic affect on its sales on opening day. 

Maybe it was innocent on their part. Maybe they didn’t “think this way” and I saying “malicious” on my part was incorrect. 

Nonetheless, what do WE do about it?

                                           The People VS Final Cut Pro X

I suggest this. You’ve bought FCP X and played around with it for month. There’s no demo so what choice did you have.  Don’t like it? Want to tell Apple you don’t like it? Want a VIEWER window put back in?

What can YOU do? Seriously, they’re huge, what can YOU do?

I propose "X" Terminator Day - International Final Cut Pro X Refund Request.

One day for all the FCPX purchasers to ask for a refund on their FCPX purchase. Like a quickstarter program, let’s have a have a goal.

How about 1000 refunds on "X" Terminator Day - International Final Cut Pro X Refund Request

I am a veteran Final Cut Pro user/supporter.  The last working version of the software for guys like me has been removed from sale. Removed!  Replaced! Killed off!

You don’t like Final Cut Pro X? You want the original suite back on sale? You want to hear from Apple about FCPX’s future?

Let’s simply all ask for a refund… on the exact same day.

I declare AUGUST 29th 2011 as "X" TERMINATOR DAY - INTERNATIONAL FINAL CUT PRO X REFUND REQUEST (and it’s also the original Judgement Day from the Terminator series)

How can you apply for a refund?

Well you have to ask for it on a case by case basis it seems. 

To apply for your refund simply open the MAC APP STORE on your computer and CLICK on SUPPORT




FILL IN the request information and reason for REFUND 


If you feel Apple messed this up. Let your voice be heard. Make a statement.  (Hell, you can just repurchase the program at a later date if they get the features you want back into it) 

August 29th 2011 is “X” TERMINATOR DAYInternational Final Cut Pro X Refund Requet !

Pass it on!!!!!  #XTerminatorDay    #iWantARefund