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Creating Odd Sizes and Frame Rates in Premiere 6

It’s a workaround, but it came up as a question on Twitter (via Frank) and I wanted to try to make it work.  

Assignment: 4096x4096 at 48fps - which is not a default in new Premiere 6 obviously…

So what do you do?


Premiere 6 has a lot of new improvements. Lot’s of great additions and some things I just like about the program itself  (see my favorites in my last post

48fps and movies?

As for the actual frame rate of 48fps.  I vote NO.  It’s basically the same look that you’re getting with film rate television broadcasts processed via 120hz and 240hz televisions with the frame smoothing on (minus the increased resolution)  

James Cameron feels differently. Perhaps his interest in 3D imagery because 48fps has a technical purpose in presenting 3D imagery - it just feels like it’s at the expense of film’s dramatic-ness.